ArchaicQuest online game

ArchaicQuest  2017

A small but expanding fantasy realm inspired by the once great Multi User Dungeons (MUDs) of the 1990s. This text adventure aims to bring the old RPG MUD genre back from the dead like a Necromancer, f.e. Dragon Realms or Realms of Despair.

ArchaicQuest was designed and built for the web, which makes the title easily accessible by anyone using a mobile, tablet or desktop PC. The developers aim to bring a deep and immersive story to anyone who steps foot into ArchaicQuest realm, instead of just an empty world to explore and hack’n’slash mechanics of killing monsters like every other MUD out there, some of which were quickly forgotten.

The world of ArchaicQuest is developed to be full of life and richly described, with NPC’s moving around about their day with their own stories. Everyone will have something to say, secrets are there to be discovered and quests are plentiful. There will always be something to do, something to achieve, something to solve that will keep you coming back for more.

Rating: 4.33 / 5 based on 3 votes


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