Basketball GM online game

Basketball GM  2013

Basketball GM is a single player basketball manager game, in which you are put in charge of basketball team. As of now, your goal can be whatever you want: winning the most championships, making the most profit, developing players from rookies to stars, etc. You can make an unlimited number of different leagues from the dashboard, each one with a different set of random players.

Each season of the game is divided into several phases:
- Preseason. Players develop/age (i.e. their ratings change). Young players tend to get better, old players tend to get worse.
- Regular season. Regular season games are played, at the pace you choose through the Play menu.
- Playoffs. Teams that made the playoffs progress through the bracket until a champion emerges.
- Draft lottery. After the playoffs end, the draft order is set with a lottery.
- Draft. Teams pick players to add to their rosters from all the young players entering the league.
- Re-sign players. Before free agency starts, you get the opportunity to re-sign your players with expiring contracts. Some players may refuse to re-sign, based on your team success, facilities spending, city size, and difficulty.
- Free agency. Players who are not re-signed become free agents and teams can sign them.

You can create as many divisions as you want and play as many seasons as you want and all of it for free.

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