Best 11 Manager online game

Best 11 Manager  2017

Title: Best 11 Manager

Year introduced: 2017
Country of origin: Romania
Languages: English

Price: include premium accounts / options

Best 11 Manager looks like the first project of people, who just make first steps in the game making - all the graphics and interface elements looks like taken straight from free template, the game options are limited, the game data are limited, but on the other side it does offer such options as hiring staff members or running national teams.

We compete with users from around the world in one unified league (pyramid structure of the divisions) and we take care of the training facilities, sponsorship deals, transfers, selecting lineup and tactics. And that is about it right now - some of the interface elements are a bit weird, f.e. like the player faces literally drawn in simple graphic tool, distribution of training points and upgrading them by some values, some of the values are presented as numbers, some as icons, some as bars. For first time user it all looks a bit confusing. The match engine does not provide much statistics (or any to be exact) apart from goalscorers and who was player of the match.

It is hard to describe Best 11 Manager in single sentence - it is a bit chaotic project, that might improve in the future, but already has some number of active users.

Rating: 1.83 / 5 based on 6 votes


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