BFSMO online game

BFSMO Best Fantasy Soccer Manager Online 2023


Original title: Best Fantasy Soccer Manager Online

Year introduced: 2023
Country of origin: Germany
Languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Turkish

Price: free

The Best Fantasy Football Manager Online is a free2play football manager game. Each player creates his own club for free at the beginning, for which he then acts as manager. The game is completely free of all pay to win mechanics, only your skill as a soccer manager determines your success.

With only 5 to 10 minutes of time each day, you can already play the game optimally. This makes the football manager game ideal for the daily commute to work or school.

Every day there is a match day in the game world. Become the manager of your own football club and play against other managers’ clubs in various competitions every matchday. Customise your club by designing a unique crest, banner and kit. Choose a unique club philosophy that suits your own management style.

Promote your club to the highest league - the famous Legendary League.
The best clubs in the entire game world play in this league.
Lead your club to glory by winning the National Cup, in which clubs from the same nation play against each other.
The same thing happens in principle in the International Cup, where all the clubs in the entire game world play against each other in a cup mode.
Apply to be the official national manager of a nation to manage that nation in the World Cup for one season.

Every manager can sign players and coaches for his club.
The players and coaches can be traded in a transfer market with other managers.
In addition to transfer income, each club also receives stadium income, sponsorship income and income from the sale of fan merchandise.
Improve your club in the long term through well-considered investments.
Develop your stadium, your player academy and your coaching academy.
Prepare your team for each match and counter the tactics of your opponents.

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