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City Guesser online game

City Guesser  2020

City Guesser is a geography based browser game created during lockdowns in 2020 - using videos from different places around the world game puts player in charge of one task, to guess the exact location where the video was taken.

Compared to other similar games City Guesser does not allow you to change the camera angle, which makes the game a lot harder - all you have available is the recording, so you just cannot turn the view around, zoom to details or just pause.

City guesser can be player as single player game, but also as multiplayer.

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City Guesser online game - WhatsWrong

Spot the difference between two pictures - nothing more, nothing less. Oh yeah, and there’s a time limit!


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City Guesser  2018
City Guesser  2018

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