DAWN 2055

Dawn 2055 online game

Dawn 2055  2012

Dawn 2055 is a free text-based browser game set in post-apocalyptic reality. Select your specialization and begin your adventurous journey through the wastelands that used to be Nevada and California.

Scavenge for resources, craft equipment to defend yourself from other users or select various missions. In addition, you can hire crew members to help you during your quests. Inventory section informs you with your current equipment. You can visit shop to purchase more equipment and try out crafting your items.

Use strategic sector map and rediscover huge devastated world, where many areas are covered in deadly radiation, so prepare yourself before venturing deep in the wasteland. Find different items and materials in the remains of past civilization. Use all materials found in wasteland to craft different items which helps you in fight or everyday travels. Create melee and ranged weapons, armor and equipment and use them to strengthen your squad or sell them to other players.

Buy or trade your crafted or found items to other players trough shops found in settlements. Search for profitable trade routes and make fortunes in forever changing player run economy.

Rebuild the world or spread the Fear - Join up with other players form gangs and factions. Make name of your alliance or gang known to other players by building and developing settlements or straight opposite - bring death and destruction to everyone!

Gamers are weird creatures

Gamers are weird creatures

Recent developments in several titles made me think that gamers are truly weird, weird creatures that should be studied by science, because it’s not how human kind should work. Or is it?

Starfield - in space no one can hear you yawn

Starfield - in space no one can hear you yawn

Starfield, one of the most anticipated games of the year, had an early access premiere yesterday and so far the impressions are not that great. Again. Not again, in the sense Starfield impressions, bu...