Detective Stories online game

Detective Stories  2019

As the creators put it this is not a single player game, although it actually could be. But the website describes it as follows: to play this dark stories game you need at least two people. One will act as the host and the other will play as the detective. The detective must ask questions to which the host can only respond with "YES", "NO" or "I don’t know". If the detective guesses one of the hints, the host should tick it off. If the detective is stuck, the host can share a clue.

The basic concept of this game is similar to what Sleuth game was offering in the past - you get a short, few sentences long story, which does not reveal a lot. You also have available clues, which should point you at the right direction and, of course, the full story behind the event you just read. So basically it can be played as single player game, but the basic concept is that there are at least two people, one of them playing the part of game master.

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