Fallin Game online game

Fallin Game  2015

Fallin Game is an post-apocalyptic game with elements of multiplayer games, inspired by the Fallout universe and Metro series of novels when it comes to background, but Darkest Dungeon when it comes to gameplay.

In post-apocalyptic reality you build your clan by recruiting soldiers and building your base - each fight might bring you some loot, which can help improve your clan and the bases. On each station you will face enemies, from to mutated dogs to humans and in turn-based fashion will try to kill them.

While the graphic side looks nice Fallin Game is very repetitive in its core - you fight, you loot, you move to another station. At the same time game is based around free-to-grind business model - each element of the game will take some time, but for in-game money you can skip that bit. Of course you need to buy the in-game money for your real life money.

Rating: 2 / 5 based on 1 votes


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