Fantasy League 50 Goals online game

Fantasy League 50 Goals  2020

Fantasy League 50 Goals mixes elements of football prediction games with a bit of social deduction - each player is put in charge of his own soccer club, but instead of managing players, stadiums, etc. they are given a pool of 50 goals to spend on 25 matches in the season.

For each weekend all player has to do is decide how many goals will he score to the opponent, but that is where the deduction begins - you have to guess how many goals your opponent is willing to spend. You can see how many goals they have left in their pool, but they can see how many you have left, so with each week the game is getting a bit tougher.

Since season lasts for 9 weeks you have to pace yourself and choose wisely when and how many goals invest - should you keep a lot of goals in reserve for the end of the season or spread them evenly throughout the season. Also you have to predict what is your opponents strategy.

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