Football Arena online game

Football Arena  2004

Title: Football Arena

Year introduced: 2004
Country of origin: Czech Republic
Languages: multiple

Price: include premium accounts / options

The Football Arena is an online football manager that you can play on your computer. The only thing you need is the internet browser and a bit of your free time. To manage a football team is a big commitment. However, it is not necessary to be online everyday. In fact, it is enough to check your team once or twice a week to set league, cup and friendly matches line-up, to see training results and maybe to buy some new players.

The Football Arena is an online football manager, where you compete with other players from many countries all over the world. There are both league matches and national teams.

Football Arena was created in 2004 and from first look at some of the screens you can tell it was suppose to be a copy of Hattrick, which was gaining a lot of attention back then, but since 2004 Football Arena was keeping its own direction of development. The basics are still similar, but details are all that matter.

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