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GeoGuessr  2013

What would you do if you would found yourself in the middle of nowhere with no way to know where exactly are you? Read the road signs, if there are any, read the street names or billboards around you, right? Well, you do not have to guess what would you do, because GeoGuessr will give you the answer. In this game you are put somewhere in the world with only one purpose - using the Google streetview you have to guess where are you.

It is simple, as I mentioned you can read the signs around you, street names, billboards, but what will you do if there is nothing like that nearby? You have to base your guess on the flora, on the position of the sun, on brands of cars that might be around you. The game has few modes, from single to multiplayer, you can visit just easily recognizable spots, like capitals or monuments, or just go wild and be dropped anywhere. And I mean ANYWHERE, it could be some simple road somewhere in Australia or the busy street somewhere in Japan or Middle East. It could be seashore in Sweden or parking of a supermarket in Alaska.

GeoGuessr was created in 2013 and while initially it gained some interest from users through its simple formula and quite addictive gameplay, the peak of popularity was during the lockdowns in the middle of pandemic, when GeoGuessr became a nice alternative for people stuck in their homes. While the game is very simple - guess where are you and that is about it, you will get points the closer your guess will be to the real location, but at the same time it is easy to get hooked on the GeoGuessr.

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