Gubernator online game

Gubernator  2002

A simple online browser game based on the concept of classic games like Dictator - after a coup in your homeland you are put in charge of a small African country and your goal is simple - to survive as long as possible (at least 1 year). You will have to face not only the hostile neighbours, who want to wipe out your country, but also the opposition inside your small republic.

If that wasn’t enough to give you a headache, the big players also watch your every step - United States and Russia are trying to reach their own goals by influencing your decisions. You will have to balance between the foreign powers, neighbours and the internal groups (like farmers, army, secret police, elderly of the local tribes). Each week you have to make one decision that will have consequences and keep doing it as long as you can (meaning as long as no one will overthrown you).

A simple, single-player online game, but can be fun for a while due to the variety of endings and the way it keeps you constantly on the brink of disaster - with each decision you will make some people happy, but even more angry, so you have to tread carefully each time you click a button. There are overall 14 different endings to this game, most of which are not great for you, which says a lot.

Rating: 3.67 / 5 based on 3 votes


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