Hell Let Loose online game

Hell Let Loose  2021

Hell Let Loose

Year introduced: 2021
Country of origin: Australia
Languages: multiple

Price: game purchase

Hell Let Loose was created through Kickstarter campaign as an multiplayer FPS game set in reality of World War 2, but with two elements that made this title stand out of the competition. The first one was the set of maps, which use as realistic as possible recreations of real places, like Carentan, Sainte-Marie-du-Mont, Kursk, Hurtgen Forest or Omaha Beach.

The other element is introduction of strategy elements to the gameplay - contrary to similar titles in Hell Let Loose both sides of the battle have structure of command, they are not just swarm of chaotically running soldiers (well, they often are, but not by design). In this title you belong to a particular platoon, which has a team leader, who will (or at least should be) in contact with commander of all of the platoons.

This change not only introduced elements of strategy, but for the commander it is like RTS game, but with real people, who will not always do what they are told or will just do something silly. Another interesting addition is setting spawn points by the team leader, which can be used when they die. And they will, often and quickly, because the maps are recreation of real places, they were not created by a level designer, they do not have safe zones.

While Hell Let Loose is hardly an original idea for the game, the two elements (realistic maps and strategy) made all the difference for the players.

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