Hockey Arena online game

Hockey Arena  2003

Hockey Arena is a hockey game in which you manage a hockey team in competition with other managers from all over the world. You play the role of the manager and also serve partially as coach (but not owner!!). You buy and sell players, improve your stadium, develop young prospects, set your team’s line-up for matches, along with other duties.

You perform all team management tasks through the game pages - you view recent events in the team (News), you set your line-up for your next match (Line-up), you acquire players on the market (Market) etc.

The so-called "night update" runs automatically every day at 22:00. During the night update, the following activities take place, in order :
- termination and automatic extension of the players’ contracts
- thorough player scouting
- payment of costs from the team’s cash
- calculation of building progress
- processing of transactions on the transfer market
- team assignments to new managers
- matches
- training/recovery of the players
- players’ night recovery

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