Kingdom of Loathing online game

Kingdom of Loathing  2003

Title: Kingdom of Loathing

Year introduced: 2003
Country of origin: Canada
Languages: English

Kingdom of Loathing is a multiplayer role-playing game, which uses hand-drawn stick figures and rather surreal reality to draw you into the world of parody of the world of the adventure. Well, something like that.

The basics are similar to the normal adventure games, but from the first look you can tell that it is not a usual adventure game - you fight monsters for experience and acquire meat, which is the currency in this world. Players may also interact with each other through player versus player competition, participate in the in-game economy by trading goods and services, organize their characters into clans, work together to complete clan dungeons, and speak to each other in many different chat channels.

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Stalker 2 postponed until September

Stalker 2 postponed until September

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Guess what died today... again!

Guess what died today... again!

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