Labyrinthine online game

Labyrinthine  2020

Title: Labyrinthine

Year introduced: 2020
Country of origin: United Kingdom
Languages: English

Price: game purchase

You and up to 3 friends can embark in an online cooperative experience as you try to unravel the mystery of the abandoned happisburg hedge maze. You won’t be alone in there...

Labyrinthine aims to be a true horror experience complete with all of the horror staples you may be used to. While navigating the regions of the happisburg hedge maze, you will be solving puzzles, collecting items and escaping the horrific entities that lie within it. Cooperative has been the focus since the start of development, so heading in with friends is recommended!

In basic concept Labyrinthine is slightly similar to Phasmophobia - maze creates the feeling of claustrophobic corridors and there is no place you can hide once something starts to chase you. On the way you will stumble upon puzzles that will unlock further parts of the maze, but during your journey you will never feel that you are alone.

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