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Mafia 1930 online game

Mafia 1930  2010

Mafia 1930

Year introduced: 2010
Country of origin: Germany
Languages: German

Price: free

We welcome you to our little club, a corrupt and ruthless Mafia world where we have but one rule: break the law! From now on, your future is in your own hands. Will you achieve power, money, and prestige? Build up your district, smuggle illegal goods to improve your account balance, get rid of anyone who gets in your way, and equip yourself and your forces to become the biggest Mafia boss of all time!

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Mafia Returns

Mafia 1930 online game - Mafia Returns

RPG game set in reality of constant fights between different gangs - choose wisely to be on the winning side.



Mafia 1930 online game - Mafiakill

Mafiakill is text based mafia game. You were just released from prison and now you have to find a way to take over the underworld.



Mafia 1930 online game - Mafiaway

Free text-based mafia game with a simple goal - become the best gangster in the entire game.


Prison Struggle

Mafia 1930 online game - Prison Struggle

Prison Struggle is a MMORPG that will take you through the life of a real prison inmate spending time among low-life like yourself.


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Mafia 1930  2007
Mafia 1930  2007

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