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Matchday 11 online game

Matchday 11  2016

Matchday 11

Year introduced: 2016
Country of origin: Germany
Languages: English

Price: include premium accounts / options

Matchday11 is a unique and challenging online football manager game where you take control of your own football club and compete against other managers from around the world.

Buy and sell players, discover and recruit top prospects, handle your economy and set your tactics as you try to lead your club to glory. Most competitions have similar structure to real life, like continental cups with qualification rounds, group stages etc.

There is even a Matchday11 Club world championship for all champions league winners. Matchday11 uses an advanced match engine that tries to be as realistic as possible. Each kick of the ball is simulated, this means you will be able to get a lot of stats from each match like long ball percentage, action zones, attack zones (right,left,center), expected goals etc.

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Matchday 11  2016
Matchday 11  2016

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