Max F1 online game

Max F1  2010

Max F1 is a simple browser game that allows you not only to be in charge of the F1 team, but also have influence on the race itself via Flash interface. Unfortunately the game is available in Polish language only and Flash plugins will soon be blocked by the major browsers, so get your chance to play it as long as it is still available.

The game itself is very simplified - full season takes two months with one race each week, so, obviously there should be 8 tracks, but for some reason there are 7, while inspired by real tracks none of them is like real life track. The driver is described by 4 parameters: patience, experience, technique and form. Car is described by 5 parameters: wings, engine, suspension, breaks and electronics / aerodynamics. You can improve any of them as long as you can afford it.

The game is practically free, although there is option to join a team, which requires small payment.

Rating: 2 / 5 based on 1 votes


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