OFM online game

OFM Online Fussball Manager 2003

Title: OFM

Original title: Online Fussball Manager

Year introduced: 2003
Country of origin: Germany
Languages: English / German

Price: free

Online Football Manager or Online Fussball Manager does not need additional info to determine that this game was made in Germany. German games were usually stripped of any unneeded elements, had rather strict rules and, unfortunately, often lacked the atmosphere. OFM is no exception - it is made with RPG approach, which means you see all the parameters, they do exactly what you think they do and there is very little space for unpredictable results.

First of all the game is very simple (not that it is a bad thing), players are described with only handful of parameters and have very strict assigned positions, to the point where it is on a verge of being ridiculous. For example left midfielder can’t play as left winger and vice versa - you can place them on that position, but they will use only half of their skills, which is very surprising since if you put goalkeeper as winger he will also use half of his original skills. Also the choice of formation determines which player you can or can’t use, f.e. while playing 4-4-2 you can’t put central strikers in attack, you have to use left and right winger, while playing 4-3-3 you have to use left winger, central forward and right winger in attack, and so on...

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