OSM online game

OSM Online Soccer Manager 2001


Original title: Online Soccer Manager

Year introduced: 2001
Country of origin: Netherlands
Languages: English

Price: micropayments

Online Soccer Manager (OSM) was created in times when Hattrick and ManagerZone were still far from peak of their popularity. OSM went completely different way - from a get-go they expanded heavily on different markets, while their main product was average at best. But you could not search for online soccer manager game without stumbling upon one of their domains available in many, many languages.

But that was not the only thing in which OSM was different from HT AND MZ, they also gained licenses to use real club names in few countries, as well as licenses to use real life players. It was unusual for two reasons - on one hand it meant that, unlike in their competitors, you could have take control of Real Madrid and be in charge of Cristiano Ronaldo or Raul, but at the same time it meant you are not building your own team, you rather take part in an alternate reality game.

But as many people know, licenses to use real club names and real players names don’t grow on trees, so it all came with a cost. Together with introduction of those elements OSM introduced elements of micropayments and infamous "free to wait" mechanics. The game itself is not for everyone, as you do not have full control of the team, because you do not build it from scratch.

Rating: 3 / 5 based on 1 votes


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