Play Five Words online game

Play Five Words  2022

Title: Play Five Words

Year introduced: 2022
Country of origin: United States
Languages: English

Price: free

Play Five Words takes the name from a puzzle game, in which letters are mixed within a 5 by 5 box and all you have to do is find them. Click on a first letter and drag the box until you reach the last of five letters in each word. Oh yeah, and the boxes cannot overlap, but they are winding. But even though the website takes the name from this game, in fact, it is a set of puzzle games, each with different style and mechanics.

All together there are 13 different games within that one website - in some you fiddle with letters by finding words hidden within mixed letters, in others you need to slide either the vertical or horizontal line to complete the words, but some of them have nothing to do with letters. There are slide games, chess knight puzzle, wordoku in which you will place stars in fields, and it will drive you crazy at some point.

The website looks a bit rough, some of the puzzles lack proper explanation of how they work or what the puzzle mechanics are, but through trial and error you can figure out them yourself. Overall, a gem among free online puzzle games.

Rating: 5 / 5 based on 1 votes


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