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Procedural Realms online game

Procedural Realms  2016

Classic turn-based combat meets modern game design in a giant procedurally generated world. Hack and slash your way to victory with the JRPG-inspired turn-based combat system, or build the farm of your dreams and craft your way to success. Open-ended character customization and use-based skill progression make for endless builds to experiment with.

• Enjoy casual gameplay, simple mechanics, and a fun, friendly, cooperative environment
• Choose your playstyle: solo PvE combat, group dungeons, or crafting and base building
• Build a farm, breed livestock, and produce goods to enhance or profit
• Crawl dungeons, discover randomized loot and equipment, or craft and enchant your own
• Craft weapons and armor, brew potions, build a shelter, go fishing, or dig for buried treasure
• Hire a mercenary, summon powerful elementals, or raise an army of the dead
• Over 100 combat abilities and 10 crafting skills for endless play style options

Fast character creation and a few quick interactive tutorials will teach you the basics and have you playing quickly. Come enjoy a new casual PvE experience and make your mark on the world.

Although the game can be played in browser it requires external websites / tools to be played.

Story of the Zone

Emma Fielding - actress, radio and games voice-over artist

Emma Fielding
Emma Fielding - actress, radio and games voice-over artist

Cowboys and idiots

Cowboys and idiots

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Wargaming apologized! Again... Sort of...

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