SHAPEZ.IO online game  2020 is an online game (demo played via browser, full version through client) similar in nature to popular Factorio, but Shapez concentrates on different aspects of factory simulation. The interface is very minimalistic, which in a way is a good thing, because you have to concentrate on different elements.

There are resources in the game, shapes and colours, that you have to "mine" and deliver to your hub. At least at the beginning it is that simple. And then the tricky part starts - which each level completed you will get different machines that will operate on the resources you are putting on the conveyor belts. They can cut them in half, rotate, put together, put paint on them, mix colours, stack elements on top of each other, etc. The goal is simple - on each level you have to deliver different shape to your hub and only those exact elements will help you progress.

They can be quite easy to start with, f.e. blue square or white circle, but with progress of difficulty they may require several operations done before they will be ready to be delivered to the hub.

Unlike Factorio are more of a puzzle game than just managing resources - you have to find a way to produce exact element through the process, but then you can try to optimize the productivity of your system, introduce parallel production lines, figure out how to simplify the process or just how to speed it up. With well developed gameplay it is a very relaxing game.

Rating: 2.5 / 5 based on 2 votes


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