Smart Cookie Trivia online game

Smart Cookie Trivia  2021

Smart Cookie Trivia

Year introduced: 2021
Country of origin: United States
Languages: English

Price: free

A fun, challenging, multiplayer quiz game where players compete to earn the most cookies by answering 25 trivia questions across a broad range of categories. At the end, players can "Risk it for the biscuit" and bet their earned cookies on a final trivia question.

While the game is simple enough to handle, the questions are far from being easy. Some of the categories are completely US-oriented (like state by the governor or NFL team by stadium name), some of them cover a pretty obscure objects, f.e. country by lake or country by lake, where you can get questions about small lake in Turkey or one of the hundreds of islands in Indonesia. But if you like that sort of challenge this is a game for you!

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