Steel Ocean online game

Steel Ocean  2015

Steel Ocean

Year introduced: 2015
Country of origin: China
Languages: English

Price: include premium accounts / options

World of Warships was the slightly less popular cousin of World of Tanks that was using a lot of the original concept of the game, including those elements that did not have a lot to do with reality, like occupying the base. Still it was a good game and it was inevitable that someone inspired by World of Warships would make his own version of the game, but in case of Steel Ocean it is more than just inspiration - the games are almost identical to the details of the interface.

Luckily some parts of the game are slightly different, which makes Steel Ocean an interesting offer. While the basics are exactly the same - the tech tree for several countries, premium ships, gold coins, special equipment, the goal of the battle and the concept of the maps - there are few changes that make Steel Ocean at least slightly original. One of those differences from WoW is the battle mode called "competition", in which both fleets fight until they sink the given number of enemy ships (f.e. twelve), but the ships that were sunk respawn after short while, which makes it quite challenging. Another difference is in usage of submarines, which can travel on surface or submerged (duh!), but can be sunk not only by depth charges, but also by torpedoes while they are on the periscope depth, which makes them dangerous rival, but also more vulnerable than in reality. Manual usage of AA guns is another nice touch - it makes the battles against aircraft carriers more exciting since you can defend your ship manually, not just count on the automatic AA defence. And the last of the big changes is in the construction of the ships and damages - while they still have the main HP (health points) counter just like WoW there is no option to regain them, we can only repair damaged parts of the equipment (f.e. radio, engine).

Overall a simple copy of World of Warships with only few details actually changed, but still enjoyable experience. Contrary to WoW Steel Ocean did not gained much popularity, which could sometimes be a problem (while you have to wait long to be assigned for next battle), but at the same time very rarely you can stumble upon trolls that waste everybody’s time.

Rating: 4 / 5 based on 2 votes


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