Street Racerz online game

Street Racerz  2007

Title: Street Racerz

Year introduced: 2007
Country of origin: United Kingdom
Languages: English

Price: free

So you think the world of Street Racing is for you? If so, listen up; To survive here you have to be cunning, brave and truly skilful. Only those who can master these values will make the elite of SR.

You have to start from scratch, building up your ranks against many rival competitors for the ultimate top spots. You will always be under the watchful eye of Olsrey & his Loyal Crew, and if you make one wrong decision you will pay the consequences.

You must choose carefully who side you are on, otherwise your time here will be cut short.

Made a decision? Well, what are you waiting for...

Aggregate scores - how is this still a thing?

Aggregate scores - how is this still a thing?

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I told you so!

I told you so!

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