Syrnia online game

Syrnia  2005

Title: Syrnia

Year introduced: 2005
Country of origin: Netherlands
Languages: English

Price: free

Syrnia is an online adventure land where the world changes according to the players behaviour. Are you able to discover the land of Syrnia, are you brave enough to beat other players on skills as mining, fishing, fighting, thieving and many more?

You will soon find out when playing Syrnia. You will never get bored because of the many upcoming updates and the many things to do in game.
When travelling across the Syrnia lands, you will meet a lot of new friends, which can help you, and if you really feel like a team you can build up a clan with it’s own clan headquarters to fight other clans.

There will be a lot of different things to do, bad or good, it’s all in Syrnia. Will you be the one who plunders the houses and robs the shops in Syrnia? Or will you be the hard worker, who fishes, mines or smiths very often? It’s your decision! But you don’t have to choose, you can practice all of the skills with the same character!

Rating: 5 / 5 based on 1 votes


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