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The Lone Detective started in the early 2000s as PBEM game (play-by-e-mail), few years back was switched into a browser-based game. In the original game, a Game Master was providing answers to players as they were trying to find the culprit in a criminal case. He was playing an interactive role, since players were given the basics of the case and were free to expand their knowledge by asking questions.

In the modern version, which is a free browser game, most of the cases are in "cold case files" mode, which provides the player with all the data from police archives, and it is up to that user to find that piece of evidence that will point to a specific person as a killer.

The game still involves a human Game Master, as we have to provide not only the name of the killer, but also the reasons behind the crime and the evidence that put the culprit on the crime scene and will prove his guilt.

In a way, it is a mix of a detective game and a puzzle game because there are two ways to play: the hard way (you dig through dozens of documents searching for that piece of evidence) or the easy way (you try to figure out who the killer was and then just read the specific document that would prove your theory). At least that is how the creators see it.

On the other hand, there are also cases (marked as "short cases"), which are slightly different - there is a brief description of the case and a list of suspects with the explanation why are they suspected to be the killer. This does not involve digging through documents and evidence, they are more focused on finding an angle that would put new light on the evidence.

But wherever you are a fan of such TV shows as Columbo or Prime Suspect, you can find here something for yourself and give yourself a headache trying to find a single piece of evidence to solve the case.

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The Lone Detective

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