vManager online game

vManager  2016

Title: vManager

Year introduced: 2016
Country of origin: Brazil
Languages: English / Portugese / Spanish / German

Price: free

vManager is a Brazilian online football manager which simulates real clubs in real divisions (and some virtual ones as well), but with generated players. For example, you get the Brazilian and Argentinian divisions, some of the European ones (German Bundesliga, English Premiership, Italian Serie A among few other countries), but the clubs from countries that are not fully simulated are put together in divisions called f.e. vEurope, vAsia or just World.

The player details are very limited - his skills are described using a single value (between 1 and 100), additional info is drawn from parameters of technique, stamina, morale and fitness. Of course, with such limited depth of the parameters, the match statistics are also simplified - all we get are a number of matches, goals scored, assists and cards received.

Even though the game offers youth team development and direct transfers, overall, it is a simple game with rather limited potential due to over-simplicity of player parameters that do not leave much chance for dynamic development in the future.

Rating: 2 / 5 based on 1 votes


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