WhatsWrong online game

WhatsWrong  2018

Title: WhatsWrong

Year introduced: 2018
Country of origin: Germany
Languages: English

Price: free

Simple game of spot the difference between two pictures - something that can hardly be called challenging or original. Unless author actually will come up with interesting detail, like in this case. The differences between pictures are sometimes very obvious, sometimes really hard to spot, but what does not help is that there is a time limit to find all the differences.

With each second the time limit bar gets shorter, unless you will find a difference, this will buy you some more time. On the other hand click on the wrong spot on the picture, where there is no difference, and you will get a time penalty. There are between 3 and 5 differences on each pair of images and with ticking clock it really is not that easy to deal with them.

A very simple game, based on classic concept, but with details added could be fun.

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