Will You Press the Button? online game

Will You Press the Button?  2013

Title: Will You Press the Button?

Year introduced: 2013
Country of origin: Sweden
Languages: English

Price: free

Will You Press the Button? is a game that is hard to describe in just few words. You are put in front of almost philosophical questions, like would you like to have 9 lives, but in exchange of your illness / injury never healing? Or would you like to get invisible wherever you want, but children will still be able to see you? On surface they are quite easy to answer, but usually they are designed to make you think before you will or will not press the button.

There is no interaction with other people, apart from viewing the stats for each questions that will show you what percentage of people that answered the same question as you voted the same way that you did, but it is in fact a social game. It answers some of the questions no one ever asked, and often no one asked them for a reason, because they are silly or completely pointless.

But even with the very simple formula and hardly inventive gameplay Will You Press the Button? can surprise you by challenging your worldview and how you will see other people.

Rating: 4 / 5 based on 1 votes


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