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2023, the year of the brainless?

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We are just 3 days into the new year and already you can look with nostalgia on good old 2022, when things were simpler. No, I’m not talking about war in Ukraine, possible war over Taiwan, possible resurface of COVID-19 in China, I’m talking about... oh god, I can’t believe I’m gonna say that... Logan Paul.

2023, the year of the brainless?

Just before Christmas in 2022 Coffeezilla, youtube channel which covers (among other things) the cryptocurrency-related scams, presented a 3-part video describing how youtuber Logan Paul created a blockchain "game" called Cryptozoo. Well, to be fair, he did not actually created it, he hired some people who were creating it, he was more or less a face of that project. According to Coffeezilla the "game" is not yet fully functional after over a year of development, although they started to sell eggs, which brought them quite nice sum of money.

What happened next? The same thing that happened to 99% of blockchain / NFT related projects - people involved in development of that project sold most of their tokens, so the price of the tokens dropped drastically and the "investors" ended up with quite nice sum of losses. Who would be stupid enough to spend money on blockchain "game"? Coffeezilla presented a bunch of "investors", who put over 10,000 USD into that project, which right now is completely worthless. Not to mention that the "game" is not yet ready.

How Logan Paul responded to that? Like a spoiled brat, but what can you expect from someone who in the past avoided any responsibility for his actions. Do you remember Dink Doink coin, a cryptocurrency backed by Logan Paul? Take a wild guess how that ended... Actually it is doing quite well, it went up in recent days and now it is worth 0.000000000014422 USD. Yeah, it lost 98,8% in 18 months, but who could predicted that? Not Logan Paul, that’s for sure.

So what is his big defence in Coffeezilla report? "I’m an idiot, who hires idiots and criminals, so I’m gonna sue Coffeezilla". No, it’s not an exact quote, it’s just a gist of his 7-minute-long rumble. Among his childish arguments were that phone call between Coffeezilla and Logan Paul’s brainless manager, who done more damage than good to the youtuber’s reputation, was illegal. Even an idiot should realize that it might be illegal IN SOME STATES, there is no such federal law in United States. And as far as we know Cofeezilla lives in Texas, where such recording is completely legal.

But there is more strong evidence, according to Logan Paul, such as Coffeezilla reaching out to his manager and not youtuber himself... At that point I’m not sure if Logan Paul pretends to be an idiot or he just being himself. In the "illegal" phone call, the so-called manager of Logan Paul is asked for comment or for chance to present their side of the story. His answer was completely incoherent. Your manager is representing you, that is a job of a manager. If your manager did not informed you that Coffeezilla was asking for comment, you should sue your manager, not the guy who has recording of your manager refusing to give a comment or present your side of the story.

And the crown argument - one of the victims of the scam, according to Logan Paul, was involved in some other scam himself. Which proves... what exactly? If it is true, it might be a slip in the scrutiny on Coffeezilla’s side, but if that person was a victim of Cryptozoo... what does it change if he is not a good person? It would be a huge deal if that was the only source of information used by Coffeezilla, but it wasn’t, there were about 10 people stating they have lost money through Cryptozoo, some of them even over 100,000 USD.

So, in 7 minutes Logan Paul managed to address none of the allegations, he mentioned that he did not sell his tokens, and to prove he used... a bit of Coffeezilla video, where Coffeezilla states Logan Paul did not sold his tokens. I mean how stupid do you have to be to use that argument against Coffeezilla? "I will sue Coffeezilla for defamation, he said I didn’t sell the tokens, which I didn’t" is the basic argument here.

But Logan Paul and his "manager" are not the brainless I’m talking about. I’m not even talking about the brainless, who put money in blockchain "game" just because known youtuber was advertising it. But what really scared me was penguinz0 and his audience. No, penguinz0 / MoistCr1TiKaL, as usual, covered that story in fair way for both sides, but when in his chat there were comments like "This puts Coffeezilla’s video in different light, huh?" or "so how was it a scam?", it just blew my mind.

MoistCr1TiKaL spent about 20 minutes analyzing Logan Paul’s response and noticed that there is very little argument, no evidence to disprove Coffeezilla’s report and yet some people still think Coffeezilla investigation report is pure speculation. I mean how can you spend 20 minutes listening to someone explaining to you every details of the story and hear absolutely nothing? "Logan Paul said something, so this changes everything" seems to be the conclusion. Welcome to 2023, the year of the brainless.


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