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CD Projekt RED finally gives up

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After almost 2 years of empty promises and pointless roadmaps that never materialized it looks like CD Projekt RED finally gave up on saving the dumpster fire that Cyberpunk 2077 was. I mean they put up another patch.

CD Projekt RED finally gives up

After almost 2 years that CD Projekt RED spent on... god know what, apart from shaking up from giant blow that Cyberpunk 2077 premiere was, they finally came up with a plan. And the plan is... to just give up. On live stream they presented the changes that were made in newest update, most of which are just cosmetic changes or things linked to upcoming anime show based around the game.

There were suppose to be multiple extensions to the game, there will be one, next year, if they will keep at least that promise. There were suppose to be multiple DLCs, they are not even mentioned any more. There was suppose to be game plus mode, which is not in plans right now. There was suppose to be multiplayer mode, well... there won’t be and that’s that. There was suppose to be better police system (or rather non-laughable police system) and there will be. One day. Perhaps next year. There will be car fights system. One day. Perhaps next year.

But all of those broken promises are nothing compared to one detail that was introduced. Well, I’m sure they are not nothing to the fans of the game that paid good money for it and waited almost 2 years, but what I meant was that one small detail is far more significant. They introduced REDmod, a tool that will make it easier to use external mods in the game, which is on surface nice touch. I mean their community was demanding such tool straight after premiere, but 20 months later is still nice addition.

And that, boys and girls, is what defeat looks like - after almost 2 years of patching the game (which only shows how broken it really was) CD Projekt RED finally admits that their support for Cyberpunk 2077 is gonna be completely superficial from now on. To be fair it was superficial from day one, but now that they made a tool for modders I guess they hope modders would finish all the things that CD Projekt RED has promised to be available in the game. And they already have, like metro system, like flying cars, like shooting from within car, etc. Now CD Projekt RED can say that all the mods are just part of the game, so they would not have to spend time on fixing details or introducing features.

This added to recent news about changes in structure of company, changes in way they work on their titles, searching for new talents to join the company shows how detached from reality Adam Kiciński really was with Cyberpunk 2077. Now he realized that the company needs to work on more than one title at the same time. Now he realized they need new people to replace those, who left. Now he realizes that they need to make better use of their resources. Congratulations Sherlock, you have solved that mystery!


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