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Eurogamer finally sold

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Gamer Network, parent company of such publications as Eurogamer,, Rock Paper Shotgun, Dicebreaker and few more, finally was acquited by IGN Entertainment. And, of course, they started with sacking people.

Eurogamer finally sold

After months of speculation, during which Reedpop (parent company of Gamer Network) was looking for a buyer, it was confirmed that IGN Entertainment is the new parent company of Gamer Network, which is a parent company for such brands as Eurogamer, Rock Paper Shotgun and Dicebreaker. And as it is traditional, IGN Entertainment celebrated that fact by... laying off some people working for those brands, sometimes for longer than a decade.

To be fair, the peak popularity of Eurogamer and Rock Paper Shotgun is long gone, Dicebreaker after a few years on the market is hardly making a dent in the tabletop community, not to mention the smaller brands that were part of Gamer Network, so perhaps people in charge of them are not the best available. But on the other hand, I would guess it takes more than few hours to estimate their value to the company and sacking them the moment deal was signed is, the least, heartless.

So, after turning Kotaku into a clickbait website, it looks like another OG gaming news website will be butchered soon. It’s a parent company eating parent company world out there.


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