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FUEL Basketball reaches 1.0 status

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New online basketball manager game FUEL Basketball just reached the 1.0 status, which means that in 6 months the game moved from early alpha to a completely playable title. Take notes CD Projekt RED, take notes...

FUEL Basketball reaches 1.0 status

FUEL Baskteball is a multiplayer browser game, in which you are put in charge of your basketball team (no surprise there), you have to take care of selecting players, preparing lineups for the matches and of course plan trainings (the usual stuff).

But also you have to be pretty active behind the scenes, where you take care of the financial side of your team, which means signing sponsorship deals, accepting offers of advertising in your arena, take care of ticket prices, not to mention keeping the budget on reasonable level. With introduction of new elements the game just got a bit real, when you have to hire accountant to gain access to some financial data, you have to hire data analyst to gain access to player past or hire scout to spy on your opponents.

In concept the game is similar to other title from the same authors, Football-o-Rama soccer manager, where you are partly kept in the dark when it comes to your team potential and abilities compared to other teams - while unlike in Rama here you can see all of the technical skills of your players straight away, it takes time and money to peek into skills of your opponents, so just like in good old days the court is the testing ground for your team.

While it is simple game with minimalistic interface it could be quite surprising once you get involved in the details behind your team and with 3 matches per week you will have to act quick not to be relegated to lower division - check for yourself on FUEL Basketball website.


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Cyberpunk 2077 is getting better

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Lord of the Rings MMORPG cancelled

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