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FUEL Basketball reaches 1.0 status

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New online basketball manager game FUEL Basketball just reached the 1.0 status, which means that in 6 months the game moved from early alpha to a completely playable title. Take notes CD Projekt RED, take notes...

FUEL Basketball reaches 1.0 status

FUEL Baskteball is a multiplayer browser game, in which you are put in charge of your basketball team (no surprise there), you have to take care of selecting players, preparing lineups for the matches and of course plan trainings (the usual stuff).

But also you have to be pretty active behind the scenes, where you take care of the financial side of your team, which means signing sponsorship deals, accepting offers of advertising in your arena, take care of ticket prices, not to mention keeping the budget on reasonable level. With introduction of new elements the game just got a bit real, when you have to hire accountant to gain access to some financial data, you have to hire data analyst to gain access to player past or hire scout to spy on your opponents.

In concept the game is similar to other title from the same authors, Football-o-Rama soccer manager, where you are partly kept in the dark when it comes to your team potential and abilities compared to other teams - while unlike in Rama here you can see all of the technical skills of your players straight away, it takes time and money to peek into skills of your opponents, so just like in good old days the court is the testing ground for your team.

While it is simple game with minimalistic interface it could be quite surprising once you get involved in the details behind your team and with 3 matches per week you will have to act quick not to be relegated to lower division - check for yourself on FUEL Basketball website.


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The curious case of OutsideXbox

Three completely different personalities created a quite unique youtube gaming channel called Outsidexbox in 2012. After about 8 years of successes, they reached a surprising decline they still cannot recover from. Yes, it’s gonna be one of those "how to miss a point in 3 easy steps" stories.

World of Warships - the final chapter

No, it’s not gonna be another "World of Warships is dead" or "WOWS is dying" article. Unfortunately, this completely broken game is alive, and it looks like with the community they have, it will be alive for a long, long time. But it is a final chapter - I’m done.

The end of WG is near?

Is Wargaming collapsing? Unfortunately no, but the situation in the company might not be as great as they want you to believe.

Football-o-Rama Online Game Demo

Upcoming browser multiplayer football manager game Football-o-Rama just published the demo showing basics of the game that is about to re-open in next 2 weeks.

Stalker 2 postponed indefinitely

It looks like production of anticipated Stalker 2 game from Ukrainian studio GSC Game World was just postponed indefinitely.

I’m with stupid

Seems like media in gaming industry has still a lot to learn from the examples such as Cyberpunk 2077 and Anthem - hype is not everything. Why do I mention it? No, I’m not gonna talk about Cyberpunk 2077 again, some other title caught my attention and by pure coincidence it was a Polish game as well.

More gaming companies are going mental

More gaming companies are going mental

Another month and another case of gaming companies trying to outbid each other who will come up with worst idea. And, oh boy, do they got good at it.

Another rich guy goes bonkers

Another rich guy goes bonkers

Yeah, yeah, the same old story - boy inherits some money, uses his shpiel to turn it into more money and then goes bonkers. How many times have you heard that one?