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Guess what died today... again!

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Google is officially shutting down Google Stadia. Blah blah blah, yada yada yada, I told you so! But to be fair, so has everyone else...

Guess what died today... again!

Over a year ago, I wrote an article RIP Google Stadia, when they shut down the internal game studio and the executives started a sudden emigration from the project. Everyone was saying "the end is near", the only one that was in denial was Google. Until today. Today they announced that in January 2023 they are finally shutting down the service and refunding all the purchases.

I think it would be hard to find anyone, who is surprised by that news, but if you are, maybe you should have a look at RIP Google Stadia article, where I have explained how Google is coming up with good ideas (not necessarily their own), make a lot of fuss about it and then just kill them, rebrand them, change them into something unusable and then suddenly kill them.

Google Stadia was no exception - they made a fuss about it, neglected to introduce very basic features that their competition have, spent tons of money (according to some sources, tens of millions of dollars) on bringing well-known titles to the platform (like Red Dead Redemption 2), only to neglect it again and now shut it down. To quote a classic: "oh dear, how sad, never mind".

Oh, wait, we just received breaking news! Yes, there was someone naive, who is now surprised with that news! On Twitter one of the users actually was complaining, "what about my Hitman saves? what about my 400 hours in Cyberpunk 2077?". To answer those questions: I think you should read more and review some of your life choices.

And the longer version: if you would read more you would know that getting attached to Google products is a really bad idea, you will get screwed over each and every time. As for life choices: really, Cyberpunk 2077? And 400 hours? I’m just speechless. I mean, you could do so many things in 400 hours... If you took the lowest paid job in the US you would have 4,000 USD right now, instead of whining on Twitter about lost time in a crappy game.


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