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It can be assumed, that Wargaming is taking the p!ss

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Yes, you could assume that after recent events Wargaming, company behind World of Tanks and World of Warships, would be more careful, but if you assumed that you clearly do not know this company for very long.

It can be assumed, that Wargaming is taking the p!ss

After selling their Sydney studio, the one that made their only game engine, you would assume Wargaming would be on their best behaviour, to stop their falling numbers of active users, but of course it took them just few days to anger their playerbase again. No, not the whole community, only the part that still cared.

The South American and Latin America users were about to finally get their own line of ships, instead of just few premium ones. Some of the active users were excited, even volunteered their time to prepare a full documentation for more than 10 historical ships that were constructed or used in South America or Mexico - they have found photos, plans, specifications, tier assignments, premium options, consumables, the whole thing. They passed it on to the community managers in 2020 and were told that their documentation was delivered to development team.

They must have been quite surprised when Wargaming finally, after 2 years, announced the Pan-American line of warships, which... contained none of their suggestions. Fair enough, they were just suggestions, perhaps Wargaming have done their own research and came up with better line of warships. No, of course they haven’t, we’re talking about Wargaming after all! No, their line of warships is... curious one for sure.

The ships you will find in the Pan-American line of warships are... copies of ships that were already in the game, but they will be slightly modified. Oh yeah, and none of them actually existed in real life, at least not is South America. For example: there will be a British cruiser of Danae class, which really existed, but as you can read in the notes "they were quite obsolete, one was delivered to New Zealand, one to Polish Navy, so it can be assumed that others might have been sold to South America". If that explanation sounds dodgy, wait until you hear the rest of it.

There will be Italian cruiser, which "can be assumed Mexico could have bought a smaller version of it", there will be a Spanish cruiser, which "since Mexico was buying Spanish gunboats and patrol boats, it can be assumed they might have bought such cruiser as well". Have you spot the recurring theme? Of course you have, even though Wargaming assumes you are not bright enough to spot their little game. But the real peak of their semantic battle with reality was in the top tiers.

In tier 8 there will be copy of American cruiser Worcester, which "can be assumed that might have been sold to Mexico after the war". In tier 9 there will be copy of American cruiser Worcester, which "since it can be assumed one was sold to Mexico, then it also can be assumed one was sold to Brazil". In tier 10 there will be copy of American cruiser Worcester, which "can be assumed might have been sold to Argentina".

Yes, they created a bold and completely unrealistic assumption about one copy of Worcester could have been sold to South America and then used it to justify another assumption. If it doesn’t make any sense to you, you clearly don’t know Wargaming. Let me throw some light on the level of stupidity we are dealing with here - they started with quite realistic maritime battles arcade / simulator, but for sheer profit they introduced aircraft carriers, which spoiled the whole thing. When people got angry the aircraft carriers got... infinite number of planes, because why not?

Then they introduced submarines, idea even more hated than the carriers - they fire homing torpedoes and are faster than some destroyers. Battleships and heavy cruisers don’t even have anti-submarine weapons, so Wargaming introduced... magical planes, which come out of nowhere and drop bombs on the submarines. Yeah, seems legit. If they can with straight face introduce magical planes, they can introduce whole line of made-up ships, which might have existed in some parallel universe, right? I think Flamu, one of the biggest critics of Wargaming, have put it best: "at this stage they might as well introduce dragons to the game".

So what this new f@ck up will change? Nothing. That’s the beauty of Wargaming community - they love the game and they hate the company behind it, so they will make a fuss online for a while and just keep playing the game. And that’s the definition of toxic relationship they all are stuck in.


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