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Mind-boggling indifference or just cynically evil?

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Trainwreck, one of the more prominent Twitch streamers, just started a new platform for "content creators", called Kick and it aims to provide the best possible environment for the streamers. Sounds great, but it is not true.

Mind-boggling indifference or just cynically evil?

Well, parts of that are true, parts are just mind-boggling indifference or just example of cynical evil streak in Trainwreck. Since Twitch introduced ban for most of the gambling channels on its service, Trainwreck was one of the most vocal critics of that idea, arguing that even though he is streaming mostly gambling content, he does not promote gambling in any way. He pointed out that risks of gambling were mentioned on his channel, that his sponsors are responsible companies which try to prevent gambling-linked problems, etc.

It wasn’t a secret that he, at least according to himself, made over 350 million USD promoting gambling on his channel, he admitted that he lost himself about 30 million USD within 9 months due to gambling off-stream, yet he sees no link between promoting gambling and his incomes. Clearly the gambling company behind it, just out of goodness of its heart, was subsidising his lifestyle, it’s not like he was given money that some other poor schmucks have lost on that gambling site, right?

But since Twitch was moving away from gambling Trainwreck started his own streaming platform called Kick (very original name indeed), which will be pro-creators oriented. It would offer not only 95-5% split between creator and the platform, the creators would keep all of the donations from viewers. Sounds unbelievable? There’s more! The creators would be given a wages-like income based on their viewership alone! There would be no unclear bans, more content would be permitted, etc. So, good news all around, right?

At first it looked too good to be true, not to mention non-sustainable from economic point of view, but some people were speculating that perhaps Trainwreck is just being naive in his approach and reality will verify his vision. But, as it turned out, he wasn’t naive, he was just indifferent to gambling problems he is causing, because... the platform, by pure coincidence, will be owned by the same company that pumped 350 million USD into his wallet in last years.

At this point it is hard to tell of Trainwreck is just indifferent to ruining other gamblers’ lives or just pure evil, blinded by greed, but both cases don’t put him in positive light. Oh, well, what can you expect from a streamer? A conscience? Responsibility?


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