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My Basketball Team shuts down

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Serbian online game My Basketball Team just announced they will close down the title on 1st November 2022 after about 6 years of existence. The browser game was quite popular, so what happened?

My Basketball Team shuts down

On My Basketball Team website latest news entitled "We have some sad news" reads:

It is with great sadness that we have to announce that My Basketball Team will be shutting down. From the 1st of November, MBT will be closing its doors.

Unfortunately, our search to find a partner for MBT and secure development was hampered by much larger issues. Given the prevailing trends in the gaming industry, (a significant move from browser-based games toward other platforms) and problems like the global pandemic and the latest world crisis have created an unstable situation in the global market where possible investors are unwilling to commit and invest in projects like MBT.

All of us here at My Basketball Team hoped up until the end that the situation would get better and we could continue with this project to its full completion, so it is really "heartbreaking" for us to have to do this. We know that a lot of you also put your hearts into this game along with us and helped us, as well as hoped with us all these years that My Basketball Team will beat all odds. But unfortunately, it was not to be.

We are very grateful to all of you, from our great community to have had the chance to play with you all these years! We will do what we can to refund the recent purchases.

While all of it sounds quite straightforward - they were running out of money and lacked investors - the community of the game is not happy. The closure of the game is one factor, but there is also another - the game will close down DURING THE ONGOING SEASON. For some reason team behind the game is unable to sustain service for another month so the season would conclude, which is a bit cold to be honest.

My Basketball Team existed just for 6 years, which is not long by browser-based games standard, and gained quite dedicated community, so it is a bit sad to see an established game go down in such style or rather lack of style.


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