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New Fallout game is coming!

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It is coming in about 12 to 15 years to be exact. After recent presentation of Starfield gameplay Todd Howard confirmed that Fallout is the basic DNA of Bethesda, so of course there will be next title.

New Fallout game is coming!

Starfield, an open world game quite similar to Fallout, but set with different planets to explore, is right now set to premiere in first quarter of 2023. To be fair it was postponed in the past, so this release date should be also treated as a guideline and not a strict promise.

The work on this title started in early 2000s, but mostly on general concept of, how Todd Howard described it, "Skyrim set in space", the trademark for Starfield was registered in 2013 and in 2018 the game moved from pre-production to full-scale production process. Now, 4 years later, we were shown a gameplay footage (or something that looks like it), with promise of release next year. Realistically (and taking under consideration how buggy the Bethesda products usually are) it means at least one more year for fixes and polishing.

This would mean that The Elder Scrolls VI, which was announced to be in development back in 2016, would premiere few years after Starfield. Let’s say that Bethesda will fully concentrate on new Elder Scrolls from 2024, the development would still take 2-3 years to reach playable version. Since it is Bethesda there will be about 2 more years of fixing everything (or at least pretending to fix everything), so realistically they will finish The Elder Scrolls VI in 2029. Then they will move on to work on Fallout 5.

Let’s say that they will finish the game development in 5 years, it would set premiere to year 2034, which is 12 years away. Let’s say that, as usual, the production process will be problematic and the game will be published 2-3 years later, in 2037, which is 15 years away... Of course this grim scenario might be completely wrong and Bethesda, now under wings of Microsoft, will flourish into highly effective company and speed up their production process, but... I mean come on, what are the chances of that?

Still, even if Fallout 5 will premiere in 2037, it might be sooner than full version of Star Citizen...


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