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Santa Monica FC Online goes international

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The single player online football manager Santa Monica FC Online has added a new game mode to its offer - the Niklas Persson's Project, in which you are put in charge of the national team.

Santa Monica FC Online goes international

The new game mode, for some reason called Niklas Persson’s Project, gives you the chance to show your skills as a national team manager. On first glance it is very similar to other game modes already available in Santa Monica FC Online, but when you dig deeper into details it could be the hardest one so far.

First of all the management options are limited, since you are running a national team and not football club, so say goodbye to sponsorship deals, ticket prices, youth team and stadium improvements. But the biggest challenge is to select the players - yes, you have over 100 top players of your nation to choose from, which is more than enough to fill the squad and play the matches, but at the same time there are no transfers and you can’t just send scout to bring you some interesting players from abroad.

The division rules have also changed - now you play in smaller division (8 teams instead of 12 per division), but it is equal for any continent you choose the country from. So even if you choose to play in Oceania or North America in each season you will face 7 opponents. At the end of qualification round you will play in World Cup tournament against top world nations, which will be a true test of your team skills.

And, as usual in Santa Monica FC Online, the game gets tougher with each season - once your best players will retire you will need to replace them and... Oh, yeah, you should have invest in younger players improvement to have decent players to join your team.

Niklas Persson’s Project is perhaps not that different from the other game modes already available, but at the same time it kind of is. When you have no external sources of players even the decent winger could become a star, because... you have no other choice than pick him for the team.

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