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Stalker 2 returns... in the news

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Stalker 2, game under development in Ukrainian studio GSC Game World, again hits the news, and again not for particularly good reason.

Stalker 2 returns... in the news

Stalker 2, the anticipated game of the (sort-of) post-apocalyptic FPS series, was suppose to be published in 2021, then in early 2022, then in December 2022, then due to Russian invasion it was suspended and now it is again in development, but release date was moved to 2023. At least that’s how it looks like today.

And I would put emphasis on word "today". Why? Because it is again a kind of blunder on GSC Game World side - after relocating their development teams to Czech Republic they supposedly resumed work on Stalker 2, now it looks like they moved the premiere to next year, but... I guess they forgot to tell their staff. The result? In recent days their staff was informing players that the December release date haven’t changed.

Now the publisher is removing the messages that were deceiving the audience and corrects the statements that Stalker 2 is in fact postponed until 2023. At least that’s the current version, although taking under consideration that so far we haven’t seen a single bit of in-game footage, not even in-game screenshots, it is to be seen how realistic that plan is.


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GSC Game World presented a brand new Stalker 2: Heart of Chornobyl trailer, which introduced us to... dozens of shades of darkness. Literally. And that’s about it.

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To nobody’s surprise GSC Game World has just postponed (again) premiere of Stalker 2. For about 7 months...

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