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The end of WG is near?

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Is Wargaming collapsing? Unfortunately no, but the situation in the company might not be as great as they want you to believe.

The end of WG is near?

Recently two news about Wargaming, company behind World of Tanks and World of Warships, has surfaced, both of which seem a bit grim. At least for those, who care about that company, and I’m not one of them. For years Wargaming deserved to go down in flames, for their arrogance, for their complete detachment from reality, for the mistreatment of clients, for their predatory business practices, for the troll farms they created, for many other things. And hopefully right now they are heading in right direction.

After (supposedly) leaving Russia due to war in Ukraine, Wargaming was hit by steady decline in number of players in both games, mostly on Russian servers, but the overall tendency is quite similar. But recent events suggest that there is something more going on behind the scenes. First there were rumours that WG was downsizing its staff in North America branch, but now it is an official announcement that Riot Games, company behind League of Legends, just bought Wargaming Sydney to improve their live service games.

On surface it doesn’t sound like a big deal, until you learn that Wargaming Sydney was the studio which created Big World, the engine that is used in both World of Warships and World of Tanks. It is an old engine, it has its problems and limitations, it was improved throughout the years, and now people who knew how it works are gone from Wargaming. What could go wrong, right? If they still gonna use the same engine (and it doesn’t seem like they have much choice) it would take months, if not years, for new programmers to learn it and adapt to work on that engine. If they gonna build a new engine it will take years.

But since it is Wargaming, all I can offer is sarcastic clapping. Looks like karma finally is catching up with you.


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Submarines are coming to town

After long, long time in development submarines are finally coming to World of Warships. Well, sort of coming. And the gamers are sort of excited about it.

Wargaming reached level of The Simpsons

Do you remember The Simpsons? You know, that TV series that once was funny, before it became the forgotten, although still going TV series. Wargaming just got to the new level of pathetic detachment from reality, just like The Simpsons.

Wargaming apologized! Again... Sort of...

If you missed the sh*tstorm that just keeps on giving, the Community Contributors walkout in World of Warships, don’t worry, nothing particularly interesting happened. Except Wargaming apologized again. Well, sort of...

It can be assumed, that Wargaming is taking the p!ss

Yes, you could assume that after recent events Wargaming, company behind World of Tanks and World of Warships, would be more careful, but if you assumed that you clearly do not know this company for very long.

World of Warships CC Program has just collapsed

In a move that shocked pretty much no one, who paid attention to World of Warships in recent months, the most recognized Community Contributors for the game has just distanced themselves from Wargaming as a company and their products.

Cowboys and idiots

I recently revisited old British sitcom called Cowboys, about inept builders taking jobs they are not qualified for, doing them as quickly and as cheaply as possible and then running away with the money. Few days later GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition premiered and I got the strange feeling of deja vu.

Steel Ocean closes on Steam

Steel Ocean closes on Steam

After months and years of neglecting and mistreating the players on Steam Steel Ocean closes in early May 2020.

Developer, know when to stop!

Developer, know when to stop!

Developing a good game is not only about coming up with good ideas, but also about realizing which the bad ideas are. This is not specific to just gaming world, it works with every piece of art, from ...