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There is no such thing as AI. Yet.

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Every single day we all are bombarded by brand news about brand new AI tool that will somehow revolutionise the world, bring the apocalypse or will turn us all into slaves. There is just one problem with all those stories - there is no such thing as AI. Yet.

There is no such thing as AI. Yet.

Just like a decade ago everything had to be "smart", few years ago everything had to be linked to NFT, now the AI dominated every single news outlet. AI is gonna steal your jobs! AI will replace people! AI is gonna drive the cars and fly the planes! Well, that is cute, but when exactly have we built AI? Oh, yes, the chatGPT can answer some questions! Most of the time correctly.

Again, that is cute, but since chatGPT scanned Internet and built a base of materials to work on, it is not actually an artificial intelligence. It is a sophisticated program, but still a program based on algorithms and if something is built on algorithms it is not an independent intelligence. Same story with all the other chatbots and similar experiments - they are not learning or acting creatively, they just work on pre-programmed algorithms and pre-acquired external materials.

How do I know they just scan Internet and use somebody else’s work? Perhaps from the fact that my own server was bombarded by bots in recent months from several AI companies. One of them "take AI to the next level", as their slogan screams, but if you have AI, why do you scan my websites? I’m sure your artificial intelligence can come up with better ideas than what I published on my sites, right? Oh, wait, it can’t, because it is just improved spider bot and not actual artificial intelligence. My bad.

The same story is with AI used to generate photos - you can type anything and it will generate an image for you. Sounds great, but if I tell AI to make me a photo of a fluffy dog eating an ice cream, then... Oh, yes, of course, it will scan Internet for fluffy dogs, for the ice cream and then it will mash up those images together using algorithm. How about answering questions? No problem, the AI will scan its library and find some texts that contain the potential answers and will mash up some sentence that will make sense... most of the time.

"If a man built it, a man can broke it" - the golden rule that still works with AI. The chatGPT, the older chatbots, every single one was sooner or later broken by their users just for the fun of it. And why? Because those users have, as silly at it sounds, intelligence, they can be creative, they can find solutions to thr problems. AI cannot do that, because it is a fancy program, and like every single program, it can only work based on the rules provided by its creators.

ChatGPT was unable to determine what day is today, Google laughable AI spilled some complete gibberish when asked about first photo of a space object, previous AIs were turned into racists by their users, so... Yeah, sure we have AI. Let’s make a little experiment - drop a question to any of those "AIs" that none of us knows the answer and see what will happen. "Is there a life on other planets and if yes, which ones?", "what is the proof for existence of god?", "how Adam Sandler can still have a career?", "how people can have nothing better to do than watching photos of a food on Instagram?".


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