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Wargaming reached level of The Simpsons

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Do you remember The Simpsons? You know, that TV series that once was funny, before it became the forgotten, although still going TV series. Wargaming just got to the new level of pathetic detachment from reality, just like The Simpsons.

Wargaming reached level of The Simpsons

Few days back Wargaming, a company behind World of Warships (although this statement might or might not be true - see this article), took over the (up to this point) community organized King of the Seas (KOTS) tournament for the top players of the game. However, they decided to ban some of the users, among them EvilSeeQu, Mr_Gibbins, Flamu, Flambass, Kirrin, G4ngB4r3ng and Turry, which are, by pure coincidence, the same streamers that left the WG Community Contributors program last year in protest against questionable direction this company and game is heading.

The second layer in this story is that some of those streamers were behind the idea of KOTS tournament in a first place, which is just another example how morally bankrupt Wargaming and World of Warships have became. It isn’t shock to anyone - WG was systematically killing their product for years with every stupid decision they made (which is pretty much every decision they made). To say it’s a petty move would be understatement, but what can you except from company that thinks using gambling elements in a game for 7-year-olds is absolutely fine?

After last year the Community Contributors program have collapsed WG again promised to listen to their community, improve their internal communication, be more open, etc. You know, the same marketing BS they published after each and every f*ckup they made in the past. The ban of most popular streamers from tournament for criticizing WG and the current state of the game is just the new low they sunk into.

What this got to do with The Simpsons? The situation reminded me one of my favourite quotes from the series (yes, from years ago), when Homer and Chief Wiggum, convinced that Bart is stuck in a well, started to dig a hole next to the well as rescue effort. At the end of that episode, when it turned out Bart was safe the whole time, they both stand in a very deep hole.
Chief Wiggum:
- How we’re gonna get out?
Homer Simpson:
- We’re gonna dig our way out!
(sounds of shovelling)
Chief Wiggum:
- Dig up, you idiot!

Really Wargaming, it’s time to start digging up from the deep hole you are in, you idiot!


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