New online games - BFSMO

The Best Fantasy Football Manager Online is a free to play football manager game with a round of matches played every day.

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Wordle Today

New online games - Wordle Today

Wordle Today - your ultimate destination for wordle unlimited fun.

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New online games - Blastmud

Multiplayer text-based post-apocalyptic MUD game - can you survive in a world, where everything wants to kill you?

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FUEL Basketball

New online games - FUEL Basketball

Basketball manager game - build your team from scratch and challenge users from around the world.

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New online games - MBST1

Simple online puzzle game - decipher encoded messages with several difficulty levels to beat.

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New online games - Truce

Online battle arena - improve your character, improve your base, explore dungeons and face the bosses.

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French Crime

New online games - French Crime

Online detective game - you will lead a criminal investigation.

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Steel Ocean: Wolves of Deep Sea

New online games - Steel Ocean: Wolves of Deep Sea

Chinese multiplayer online game, in which you are put in charge of a warship in the middle of battle.

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Car Mechanic Tycoon

New online games - Car Mechanic Tycoon

You become the owner of a car mechanic company and take care of the day-to-day operations.

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Play Five Words

New online games - Play Five Words

A set of online puzzle games with different rules, different level of difficulty and different mechanics.

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New online games - Football-o-Rama

Online soccer manager game inspired by classic games of the genre, like Championship Manager with unusual approach to the club management.

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Smart Cookie Trivia

New online games - Smart Cookie Trivia

A fun, challenging, multiplayer quiz game, where players compete to earn the most cookies by answering 25 trivia questions across a broad range of categories.

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Rrob Tower Defense Game

New online games - Rrob Tower Defense Game

Tower defense browser game with thousands of levels

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Hell Let Loose

New online games - Hell Let Loose

Multiplayer first person shooter set in reality of World War 2 and in meticulously recreated maps of real battles.

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Made Man Mafia

New online games - Made Man Mafia

Plot your path to victory, prizes, and glory in this retro-feel Mafia game.

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New online games - Otteretto

Otteretto is a game about palindromes, although it really isn’t. It is an interesting take on classic Match 3 games. Although it really isn’t.

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Nations at Risk

New online games - Nations at Risk

Nations At Risk is a free to play, online, multiplayer, browser based nation simulation game.

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New online games - Phasmophobia

Online multiplayer game that puts players in ordinary houses to ordinarily look for ghosts that haunt those places.

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Never mind, the revolution is off!

Never mind, the revolution is off!

Just two months ago, CEO of Embracer Group, Lars Wingefors said in an interview (after selling / closing quite a few studios) that his company will now concentrate on smaller and better games. Guess w...

Eurogamer finally sold

Eurogamer finally sold

Gamer Network, parent company of such publications as Eurogamer,, Rock Paper Shotgun, Dicebreaker and few more, finally was acquited by IGN Entertainment. And, of course, they starte...