Earth Empires

Best Canadian online games - Earth Empires


Browser-based country simulation and strategy game: in a post-apocalyptic reality take charge of your land and find a way to survive among your not always friendly neighbours.

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Gemini Station

Best Canadian online games - Gemini Station


Browser-based space RPG: focus on trade, piracy, or espionage as you upgrade your ship and uncover the source of the mysterious energy readings that have started appearing around the system.

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Kingdom of Loathing

Best Canadian online games - Kingdom of Loathing

Set out on adventure into the world of surreal humour and parody of adventure games.

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A Dark Room

Best Canadian online games - A Dark Room

A minimalistic game set in a post-apocalyptic reality: take care of your survivors and discover the depth of the world.

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Best Canadian online games - TypeRacer

Global Typing Competition - increase your typing speed while racing against other users.

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Best Canadian online games - Forumwarz

Forumwarz is a parody role-playing game that takes place on the Internet. In fact, Forumwarz is the Internet... in game form.

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Race against time for Lethal Company

Race against time for Lethal Company

The creators of Lethal Company, a game that exploded on social media in December last year, are facing now a challenge that has become a norm in recent times - can they finish their game before player...

Before you drop the I word

Before you drop the I word

Or rather the IGMMOIG word. I know, it's not really a word, it's acronym, but "I'm Gonna Make My Own Indie Game" is such a long thing to say. Yes, each week, each month, perhaps even each day someone ...