City Guesser

casual online games - City Guesser

Game based on the videos taken in different parts of the world - all you have to do is guess the correct location.

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Detective Stories

casual online games - Detective Stories

Challenging short stories that will test your creative thinking - face the Detective Stories.

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casual online games - Geogee

Casual online game centred around geography - guess flags, shapes of the countries and other details.

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casual online games - Geoguessr

Geography game, in which you are dropped somewhere in the world in a Google street view and all you have to do is guess where the heck are you.

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casual online games - Gubernator

Try your luck as a leader of a small African country - your reign will not be easy and most likely won’t be long either.

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casual online games - MBST1

Simple online puzzle game - decipher encoded messages with several difficulty levels to beat.

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casual online games - Otteretto

Otteretto is a game about palindromes, although it really isn’t. It is an interesting take on classic Match 3 games. Although it really isn’t.

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Play Five Words

casual online games - Play Five Words

A set of online puzzle games with different rules, different level of difficulty and different mechanics.

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Rrob Tower Defense Game

casual online games - Rrob Tower Defense Game

Tower defense browser game with thousands of levels

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Santa Monica FC Online

casual online games - Santa Monica FC Online

Single player online football manager / soccer manager game, in which you compete against teams in one from over 180 countries.

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casual online games - Seterra

Simple geography quizzes available for free through website or apps.

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Smart Cookie Trivia

casual online games - Smart Cookie Trivia

A fun, challenging, multiplayer quiz game, where players compete to earn the most cookies by answering 25 trivia questions across a broad range of categories.

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The Lone Detective

casual online games - The Lone Detective

Single player online puzzle game - solve the criminal cases through analysis of the evidence and find the killer.

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casual online games - TypeRacer

Global Typing Competition - increase your typing speed while racing against others.

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casual online games - WhatsWrong

Spot the difference between two pictures - nothing more, nothing less. Oh yeah, and there’s a time limit!

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Where is Caroline?

casual online games - Where is Caroline?

Simple adventure game based on sitcom Caroline in the City and retro game Agent USA.

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Will You Press the Button?

casual online games - Will You Press the Button?

Have you ever wondered what would you sacrifice to gain invisibility? Or what limitations would you accept to gain superpower? Me neither. But clearly someone has.

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Wordle Today

casual online games - Wordle Today

Wordle Today - your ultimate destination for wordle unlimited fun!and wordle hints await!

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Gamers are weird creatures

Gamers are weird creatures

Recent developments in several titles made me think that gamers are truly weird, weird creatures that should be studied by science, because it’s not how human kind should work. Or is it?

Google is a bag of d*cks - who knew?

Google is a bag of d*cks - who knew?

In accordance with their long and painful tradition, Google has just pushed developers and clients under the bus, when the company announced the shutdown of the Stadia. Who could imagine something lik...