Among Us

client games - Among Us

Online multiplayer game, in which one or more party members are bad guys with simple task to kill everyone else.

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Battle Tanks: Legends of WW2

client games - Battle Tanks: Legends of WW2

After the success of World of Tanks, and its inevitable demise, it was just a matter of time when the clones of WoT will start to take over the market and Battle Tanks: Legends of World War II is one of those clones.

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client games - Blastmud

Multiplayer text-based post-apocalyptic MUD game - can you survive in a world, where everything wants to kill you?

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Car Mechanic Tycoon

client games - Car Mechanic Tycoon

You become the owner of a car mechanic company and take care of the day-to-day operations.

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Cosmic Supremacy

client games - Cosmic Supremacy

Free turn-based massively multiplayer space strategy game with a 3D Galaxy View interface.

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Elysium RPG

client games - Elysium RPG

Elysium-RPG is a text based game multi-user dungeon (MUD), accessible via telnet or a MUD client.

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French Crime

client games - French Crime

Online detective game - you will lead a criminal investigation.

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client games - GeoFS

Flight simulator with a global environment generated from satellite images and digital geographic data.

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Hell Let Loose

client games - Hell Let Loose

Multiplayer first person shooter set in reality of World War 2 and in meticulously recreated maps of real battles.

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client games - Labyrinthine

Labyrinthine is a cooperative horror game that may make you never step into a hedge maze again.

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client games - Neuronball

Futuristic online sports management game, where you compete against other players using team of your own hit-tech robots.

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Nexus TK

client games - Nexus TK

Classic Korean MMORPG that has been in continuous service since its 1996 release - siscover the hidden beauty of The Kingdom of the Winds. Enter a virtual world. Begin by learning how to survive; you may end by becoming a deity.

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client games - OSM

Simple Dutch online soccer manager game that with time evolved into major player on the market, which is not always a all that good thing.

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client games - Otteretto

Otteretto is a game about palindromes, although it really isn’t. It is an interesting take on classic Match 3 games. Although it really isn’t.

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client games - Phasmophobia

Online multiplayer game that puts players in ordinary houses to ordinarily look for ghosts that haunt those places.

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Procedural Realms

client games - Procedural Realms

Text-based RPG that combines classic turn-based RPG combat with crafting and survival game elements in a procedurally-generated world.

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client games - Seterra

Simple geography quizzes available for free through website or apps.

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client games -

Factory simulation game in style of Factorio, but with less emphasis put on resources and more on developing processes.

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Steel Ocean

client games - Steel Ocean

Chinese naval combat game similar to World of Warships with very few actual changes to the idea and the style of WoW.

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Steel Ocean: Wolves of Deep Sea

client games - Steel Ocean: Wolves of Deep Sea

Chinese multiplayer online game, in which you are put in charge of a warship in the middle of battle.

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Tanki Online

client games - Tanki Online

Futuristic tank battles arcade game similar to World of Tanks - provides different vehicles and different gameplay modes.

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War Thunder

client games - War Thunder

Online multiplayer game that combines the tank battles with the air battles.

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World of Tanks

client games - World of Tanks

Online multiplayer tank game that simulates tank battles with vehicles from 1930s through 1950s.

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World of Warplanes

client games - World of Warplanes

Third, next to World of Tanks and Warships, a game from that sort-of simulates 20th century war battles. Although it was published as their second title, it is considered far inferior to the other two. And not without reasons.

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World of Warships

client games - World of Warships

Online multiplayer game that simulates naval battles of warships from 1930s and later eras.

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client games - YSFlight

A free flight simulator that started its life as a single player game, in which you could do whatever you want to a multiplayer game, where several players can share their passion for flight.

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Starfield - in space no one can hear you yawn

Starfield - in space no one can hear you yawn

Starfield, one of the most anticipated games of the year, had an early access premiere yesterday and so far the impressions are not that great. Again. Not again, in the sense Starfield impressions, bu...

Aggregate scores - how is this still a thing?

Aggregate scores - how is this still a thing?

If you browse through any of many websites offering users chance to vote for the games you will notice one interesting thing - even though the scale is usually between 1 and 10 it is hard to find a ga...